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Thousands of employees to be on administrative leave or suspension due to non-vaccination

Published in THE TORONTO SUN: 10/24/2021

Non-vaccinated employees are struggling this week. We are in the midst of a worker shortage in Canada and we don’t seem to know it yet. While Non-vaccinated employees are considering their legal rights and taking legal action.


Netflix takes hard line with employees staging revolt

Published in THE TORONTO SUN: 10/16/2021

Netflix employee fired for releasing confidential information about Dave Chapelle’s ‘Closer’ in resistance to its transphobic content.

It’s clear that instead of bending to overt employee defiance on a controversial topic, Netflix drew a public line, firmly placing the giant on one side and its employees on the other.  By doing slaced the culture of its workplace in question.


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New vaccine mandate may leave thousands of City of Toronto workers unemployed

Published in THE TORONTO SUN: 10/09/2021

This week, the City of Toronto has revised its vaccine policy requiring all remaining unvaccinated city employees to get the jab by Nov. 1. If they fail to do so, employees will be suspended without pay for six weeks. 


When unions behave badly

Published in THE TORONTO SUN: 10/02/2021

Now more than ever, unions have a critical role to play in shaping the day-to-day working lives of thousands of employees as our economy gains steam. Unions must use their power judiciously. After all, there is strength in numbers.


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Who will fill gap when unvaccinated workers cause shortage?

Published in THE TORONTO SUN: 09/25/2021

Unvaccinated employees are about to create huge worker shortages. Who will fill the gap?


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Quiet revolution to work from home leaves employees with unintended consequences

Published in THE TORONTO SUN: 09/11/2021

Employers have no choice but to hold their collective breath and pray employees return


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Too many employees leave money on table after termination

Published in THE TORONTO SUN: 06/22/2021

Employees of all stripes and walks of life can be hamstrung during the termination process. When speaking to a lawyer remember to mention all of the perks, bonuses and benefits you received while working for your employer. You are almost never entitled to just your salary and depending on the offer, can negotiate for more.